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Bags and bags o' bullets 
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All of the ammo in this listing was individually lost and/or damaged in transport.  There are no boxes and in most cases, no trays.  The ammunition is all in good to pristine condition.  Because the boxes were lost/destroyed, I have no idea as to the weight (in grains) of the projectiles.  Since ammo is hard to find these days, in boxes or trays, I'm hoping you will find something you need here.

.44-40 cowboy action ammo.  47 rounds of flat point bullets in bright shiny brass, probably 200 grains, but I'm guessing.  $45 

10mm, 28 are HP, 27 are jacketed flat point, 55 rounds total.  The HP's are headstamped Prvi Partizan, the flat point ammo is headstamped Sellier & Bellot.  All bright and shiny.  $50

If we meet and you are not satisfied for any reason, you are not obligated to go through with the purchase.
Live in Salem, but in Rolla frequently.  Call or text.

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